We offer traditional consulting services specializing in pharmaceutical services to small and rural area hospitals, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, surgical suites and residential treatment centers.

Most of my cadre of pharmacists have post-baccalaureate doctor of pharmacy degrees (PharmDs) and have been practicing for over 15 years in various aspects of institutional pharmacy practice. Most of these pharmacists are experts in their particular fields of specialization and are published in professional journals. We will work in collaboration with your staff to implement comprehensive, realistic solutions that are congruent with your goals and objectives.

Unlike our larger well-funded competitors with large national wholesaler backing, we merely want to come in (… at your invitation) to help you solve a problem or develop an implementation plan and not threaten your positions with the spectra of our organization desiring to manage your facility. We enjoy what we do and have no interest whatsoever in being a pharmacy management company. We do not know why you are presently seeking or considering our expertise. Are you seeking help and assistance of your own volition or has your administration mandated that a consulting firm review your processes? As practicing pharmacists, most of my consultants have been at the receiving end of both scenarios. At the risk of sounding trite, “we empathize and feel your pain.”  

I am reminded of an associate that was perplexed when the consulting company released their staffing FTE recommendations after 14 days and $50,000. To his chagrin the recommendations were almost identical to what he had been asking for the last three years. The moral of the story is that while he did not appreciate that his administration had sought an outside consultant, he finally achieved has desired FTE allocation. Albeit, $50,000 later and hours of consultants’ “unwelcome” presence. The point I am trying to make is, we have been there, so we understand. While we may not be as big as the wholesaler-backed competitors, our work ethic is just as robust and our ensuing results are second to none.

Some of our specific comprehensive areas of consulting expertise include:

  •         Formulary and Inventory Management
  •         Vendor Price Verification Services
  •         RFP Preparation
  •         Preparation of Vendor Competitive BIDS
  •         Productivity and Workflow Analysis
  •         FTE Calculations
  •         Comprehensive Benchmarking
  •         Improved Therapeutic Outcomes and Drug Utilization
  •         Regulatory Compliance (JCAHO, DEA, DPS, TDH, TSBP)
  •         Better Profit - Margins
  •         Purchasing and Price Negotiations
  •         Contract Compliance
  •         Drug Purchasing Margin Analysis
  •         Process Engineering
  •         Establishment of Clinical Services
  •         Provide Help with Pharmacy and Therapeutic Functions
  •         Automation Review and Analysis
  •         Indigent Drug Reimbursement Programs
  •         Implementing Anticoagulation Clinics
  •         Drug Stability and Compatibility Studies
  •         Serve as Pharmacy Expert in Legal Proceedings




*Source: Drug Topics Time / Workload Survey


*Source: Drug Topics Time / Workload Survey


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